Sh*t 10 Week Old Babies Say


Sh*t 10 Week Old Babies Say from Kenneth Goldberg on Vimeo.
In case you’re not familiar with the meme, it’s been going around the internet for a while, and there’s a Sh*t People Say video for just about every group you can think of. Some funny examples:
Sh*t New Yorkers Say
Sh*t San Franciscans Say

There are three principal states of matter: solid-state, liquid-state, and that was my brother


baby boys sam and max sit in Boppy Newborn Loungers under a play structure with dangling toys. Sam in the foreground appears to be talking.
States of Matter

Wherever we go, people ask, “Are they identical?” Actually, I’m a dog.


a white bichon frise sits on a daybed with two, swaddled twin boys, max and sam
How can people miss that? I’m also a year older.

Product Review: Argington Bam Bassinet


The Argington Bam Bassinets have been a real winner in the nursery. With twins, we didn’t want to take up the whole room with huge cribs when the babies are so small. We decided, based on the advice of another twin mom, that mini-cribs or bassinets were the way to go, and we started with the Bam. Later on the Bam has the ability, if we choose, to transform into a full-sized crib or a toddler bed.

Max and Sam, swaddled in side by side, matching white Argington Bam Bassinets

Max and Sam in matching white Argington Bam Bassinets

What really appeals about the Bam is the wheels. The crib sits on lockable casters that roll around smoothly on our hardwood floors. We figured that we’d be able to wheel them into whatever room we needed to—and we occasionally do. But more often than that, at night, the bassinets get wheeled close to the bed we have in our nursery so you don’t have to get up to replace a pacifier or give a soothing pat.

We got white bassinets, and it was essential to me that they’re a green product, E-Zero (0% formaldehyde emissions) and all of the materials are non-toxic, low VOC. No baby deserves to sit in a dangerous formaldehyde stink cloud. It was a bonus that they are easy to assemble—Kathryn did it while 6-months (twin) pregnant.

Twin baby boys Max and Sam under a blanket in an Argington Bam Bassinet

Twin brothers Max and Sam share an Argington Bam Bassinet (Note: We rarely put them together like this, but it was cute.)

Baby boy Max looks askance from his white Argington Bam Bassinet, with a Graco baby monitor tied to the side with a rubber band

Max looks askance from his white Argington Bam Bassinet

Our postpartum doula showed us how a folded bath towel could be positioned under the mattress to prop up their heads, and that may help with their digestion.

The Bam comes with a 1-inch foam mattress pad covered in a soft cotton quilted cover and two white sheets. We should point out that the sheets are special for this mattress, and you can only use the Argington sheets with this mattress.

Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!


twin baby boys, max and sam, wearing matching navy blue Gap clothes sing an opera aria duet while sitting on a Boppy Baby Lounger

Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!, ecc.
Ahime, che furia!
Ahime, che folla!
Uno alla volta, per carità!