Max and Sam are fraternal twin boys born in December 2011 to a writer and a physicist, K.K. Goldberg and Kenneth Goldberg.

In their first few weeks of life, too sleepy to stay awake for a whole feeding in one go, they patiently worked their way through a curated tour of their father’s 40-GB iPod, filled with Rock, Reggae, Hawaiian Slack-Key, Classical, Jazz (mostly bebop), Dance, Soul, Electronica, Dub, Classic 70s, 80s & 90s music, plus some long-session natural-recording ‘white noise’ for sleep time.

They boys have a one-year-old bichon brother who likes to lick their feet.

Max and Sam: We hope you enjoy our parents’ insomnia-induced subconscious projections. As soon as we can talk we’re going to tell them to stop.

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